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The world’s first social concierge platform!!!

Dowhatchalike…. Social Bevy is a one-stop-shop tool to connect you to the places and things that YOU like.

Our platform actsa social concierge that provides a total solution for social engagement and event marketing. Providing Socialites with a complete customized solution for event information, access and connectivity. For Social Producers or Creators, Social Bevy provides a comprehensive approach to marketing their events, activities and/or products via our innovative mobile platform.

We Gotcha…

Your Social Concierge

Connects you to the events, activities and social life that YOU want.


A One-stop-shop to get you simply engaged to what you want to do and where you want to go.

Get Paid

We pay you for your social influencer videos.


Connect to friends and others that share your interest.

The Bevy Spot Podcast

Get Social Simply...

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The Bevy Spot- SEISMIQUE
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The Bevy Spot - Drip Car Wash and Café
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The Bevy Spot- The Gather Cape Coral Florida

The Solution To Social…

Your Social Concierge

Tailored Event Listing

Events feed based on your social preferences, the things you like to do.

Access to rides

Get your ride to your event or activity.

Purchase Tickets

To the events you want to attend.

Set Your Calendar

Share With Friends, Community.

Your Marketing Solution

Target Marketing

Connect directly with specific audiences.

Drive Revenue

Improve the profitability of your business.

Customer Value-Add

Attract more customers.

Customer Insights

Better personalize and tailor products to the needs, wants, and demands of their customers.


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